Chicken Swing’s summer school is in session.  This week, Michelle and Forrest will be teaching a class on Frame Matching as taught by Joe DeMers and Nelle Hatley from Denver.  According to Joe and Nelle (

Frame Matching is a codified theory of partner-dance connection. It establishes a framework for breaking down and teaching Swing and Blues dance connection. It is the act of creating, maintaining, or changing tension between partners with posture and tone, in order to lead and follow energy and direction. Frame Matching is explained in terms of ∆PTED, which stands for changes in posture, tone, tension, energy, and the direction of energy.

They will use examples from Lindy and Blues, but this class teaches applies to any partner dance style and is open to dancers of all levels. If you really want to dance geek out, check out Joe’s paper:

Thursday, June 21
Rangos 3, University Center, 2nd Floor
Lesson:  7:30-8:30 pm
Dance:  8:30-10:00 pm

Chicken Swing (with a touch of science) Tonight!

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