Chicken Swing is back this Thursday with a Solo Jazz class taught by Mike Grosser from Baltimore on his dance adventures across the country. Mike was 3rd in the Steel City Blues Solo Riffin’ competition back in March and has taught all over the country. To help Mike cover gas, please throw $3-$5 in the hat for the lesson.

Jazz Blitz!
Mike will rapidly blast through a large number of jazz moves!
This will help you develop full-body coordination as well as building your movement vocabulary.

Thursday, June 7
Rangos 3, University Center, 2nd Floor
Lesson:  7:30-8:30 pm
Dance:  8:30-10:00 pm

Also, check out these upcoming dances:

Saturday Late Night Blues at Pittsburgh Dance Center, 11:30pm-??: Facebook event here

Red Hot Lindy Hop Dance, next Friday, June 8th.  Lesson at 8:30; dancing 9:30-midnight: Facebook event here

Chicken Swing this Thursday

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